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Article: Top Mounting Options for your HDTV

LCD and plasma HDTV’s are a must have for any home theater. If you wish to enjoy the finest color and quality available today, an HDTV is a wise investment. If you want the ultimate in home theater viewing however, than you’re going to need to take it one step further and have your HDTV mounted on your wall. Wall mounting a TV is a stylish choice for any décor and is also a great way to conserve precious floor space. There are many mounting options available to suit a variety of different needs.

The industry standard for wall mounting an HDTV is the standard flat or tilt mount. These wall mounts mount your HDTV flat or slightly tilted against the wall. These mounts are very low profile and often times cannot be seen. This mounting solution gives the appearance that you have mounted your TV like a picture on the wall. It is perfect for living rooms and home theaters, where multiple viewing angles are not generally utilized.

If you have an oddly shaped room and you think you’ll need to severely adjust your TV’s angle from time to time, then consider purchasing an articulating wall arm. These mounts allow you to effortlessly pull your TV away from the wall and offer varying degrees of articulation based on the model you choose. In some cases the TV can be pulled up to 30 inches away from the wall. The number of angles you can adjust your TV to depend on the size and weight of the TV itself. Smaller TV’s can be adjusted more easily due to their lightweight nature, while larger heavier TV’s may require mounts with fewer options to help withstand the extra weight.

The key to choosing a great TV mount is to avoid over kill. If the mount you are considering includes features that you don’t need, then consider something simpler. There is no need to break the bank on a TV mount that offers options that you won’t be utilizing. Take the time to consider how exactly you will be using your TV mount and what you will need it to do. Fancy mounts may look stylish, but they can also be costly and unnecessary. You may find that a simple economic flat TV mount is all that you need.

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  1. These Mounts are nice to have if you got a bigger television and help take up less space.

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  2. This mounting TV gives the appearance that have mounted TV like a picture on the wall. It is perfect for living rooms and home theaters, where multiple viewing angles are not generally utilized.Nice post.

  3. Nice article, just made me want to hang my LCD on the wall!

  4. big hdtv i like it, but i want tips about tv wall mount

  5. They’re probably hidden in the wall…

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